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Scene 1: Snowfall

Maggy felt the weight of the antique mahogany bar as she leaned against it, half a fresh cut lemon in her hand. So much to do still for the opening tonight and it was already mid-afternoon. The club’s opening had been planned months in advance. Piece by piece, hammer by hammer, friend by friend, year after year, the abandoned 1920’s era train depot had … Read More Scene 1: Snowfall


Scene 2: Negotiations

“Please.” Maggy pleaded. “I need that hangar. The empty ones are too small and you know it.” “No!” Clyde wiped his hands on a clean towel, the bright yellow wing of a vintage airplane perched on tables in the middle of the WWII era hangar. The mechanics, who were busy with a propeller, stopped what they were doing and looked at Maggy. “But, we … Read More Scene 2: Negotiations


Scene 3: No Promises

Maggy climbed back into the old truck, which she’d left idling, and pushed Millie’s blanket aside. She knew he’d be mad, but not that mad. He’d been angry and frustrated with her more than a few times over the years, but it always seemed to work out — sort of. She adjusted the heat controls, then crossed her fingers. “Come on, come on…” She … Read More Scene 3: No Promises