My name is Krystyn Hartman, a retired old journalist (and small town big band singer) turned new fiction writer. My first story is Hat Tricks In Hangar Six, A Magdalena Blue Mystery Adventure. I invite you to read, engage, and offer feedback as I move through the book-writing process, releasing each new scene and chapter as I get them written and critiqued, like an online serial story. Writing fiction is a completely different type of writing from the reporting style I’m programmed to do, so I am eager for reader feedback. For example, and certainly not limited to:

  • Can you see the space as you’re reading?
  • Do the characters sound and feel natural?
  • Is the pace too fast or too slow or just right?
  • Are the physical actions clear?

Most importantly,

  • Does it make you want to read more?
  • Do you want to see what happens next?

Eager to learn, I recently joined Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers association, participate in two fiction writer critique groups, have amazing mentors, and attend writing workshops as I can.

I’ll also ask for your input on details, sometimes in the form of a survey question and sometimes in the form of a fun contest, such as:

  • Contest example: What color hat should a particular character wear when being pursued by a bad guy in an upcoming chapter? The winning color ends up in the story and its winning reader receives the actual one-of-a-kind real-life hat. (I love making hats!)
  • Survey example: Based on what we know so far, who do you think “did it” and why? Is it one of the characters already introduced or is it a character yet to be revealed?

Subscribe to or follow this site if you’d like to be first in line to receive each new scene, announcement, reader survey and contest. I value your input and support. I also value your privacy and do not sell or give away any subscriber emails.

Thank you for visiting my story site for Magdalena Blue Mystery Adventures. I look forward to your reader feedback!

And many thanks to the Frank Bregar Orchestra for allowing us the opportunity to use the big band demo on the site’s home page that we recorded several years ago in Grand Junction, Colorado. Its a jazz club, we’ve got to have some big band music for opening night!

— Krystyn Hartman

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